Welcome to the only Cygnet Ring website out there!

From small beginnings as a part of my own personal website, I decided in June 2005 to give the band the credit they deserve with a full website devoted to the indie band that was.. The Cygnet Ring. The band was around between approximately 1989 and 1992 and released a few singles, a demo tape mini album and one full album, which in the end had to be released by the band themselves as they'd been dropped by their record label at the time.

This site will devote the band with all the care and attention they deserved back then when the Internet was out of touch of most people, focussing on the history of the band from my own perspective, a discography complete with images of the records wherever possible, lyrics (which I could really need help with!) and anything else I can find to add for you.

If you remember the band, or are even a member of the band, feel free to use the feedback form to contact me and send me your memories, your recollections, and if you ever met any of the band themselves, all that sort of thing.

Use the menu buttons at the top to explore, and most of all enjoy looking around!

UPDATE: 22 April 2021 - Discography updated with improved images of Warner Music UK New Releases promotional CDs that featured Love Crime and Banjos in Bengal, as well as where to buy stuff updated


Warren Pikington.

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