The following people deserve credit for their assistance in providing me information, music and lots more. I'm greatly indebted to their kindness and genorosity.

Martin Taylor - for discovering some lost Cygnet Ring and Playing at Trains tracks and providing me with useful information
Richard Burbage - for tracking down Rus Harrison and providing me with essential information
John Smylie - for discography and band updates
Jason Cobb - for sending me a copy of the Hopeful Monsters album
Andrew Lord - for sending me the signed Love Crime CD single
David Wells - for his own information and recollections of his time as the bass player.
Jen Allen - for being the first of many to recall how good The Cygnet Ring were - you inspired me to do this page, Jen!
Richard Smith - for lyrics corrections
Stephen Broomhead - for the video uploads of The Cygnet Ring and supplying me with the Hopeful Monsters cassette - many thanks!
Pece Rizankovski - for the info on the 18 Daze 7" single
Simon Howitt - for lyrics corrections
Martin Morgan - for unearthing the 3 track cassette of "Higher"

And of course, many thanks to all the band members, past and present, for the music.