Over the last year or two there's been video footage of videos of The Cygnet Ring uploaded to the likes of Youtube, mainly thanks to former member Steve Broomhead who's been dusting off the old tapes and capturing them with good quality throughout.

Here's all the Cygnet Ring-related videos in one easy to find place, if you know of any more, please contact me. They're listed here in approximate date order of being made, so to provide an archive to you, the fan.

The video appears above the description, so you can read it whilst watching the video. Enjoy!

18 Daze

18 Daze was a popular song by Rus Harrison's former band, Playing At Trains, and therefore it was no surprise that it appeared as a single and indeed on the Higher demo tape. The video was filmed in Guildford on apparently the hottest day of that year, with mainly the band playing in a field there along with effects laid over the top of it for good measure. It does look like everyone was having a good time making it though!

Love Crime

Of course, as the band were signed to part of Warners in 1992, this also meant that the budget for filming any music video was a bit larger as well and so the band decided to do some sort of psychedelic indie theme to it, which actually worked quite well - mainly with some live footage of the band at the time as well. Certainly you'd feel a bit trippy after watching it, anyway. Katy Lynne was the director, and William Oakley the producer, and the date code on the video coincides with the release of the re-release single (April 1992).

Tell Me What Your Girlfriend Said

Many thanks to Steve Broomhead of the band for putting this one up. It shows what life was like when you were trying to get airplay on the radio - you'd turn up at plenty of local radio stations and play live acoustic versions of your songs in order to be heard. Here's a wonderfully preserved version of the above track, with Rus in the middle, Steve on the right and Geoff Donkin on the tabla drums. It sounds really fresh, even with the rigours of apparently doing three of these shows a day!

God's Other Children (Live, Surrey University)

This was from the band's gig at Surrey University, in Guildford, and was filmed from the mixing desk with a static camera (the days of live concert footage back then) and is dated 11th October 1992, possibly which would have been part of the Hopeful Monsters album tour, I guess, as there's a monster-type graphic in the backdrop for the stage itself. Note too how the live version is some two minutes longer than on the single version, this is most likely due to some improvisation from Rus Harrison himself, especially later in the song!

Love Crime (ukelele-based cover version by Smokey Stubbs and Adzuki)

Well, who'd have thought it? A cover of "Love Crime" and everything? Well, it exists, and hasn't been uploaded for long, so something which certainly excited me when I first saw it, and they've got the words spot on too. It was made for Ukelele Underground member Ukeshale's "Go 90s" contest, with 1990s songs done mainly on the ukelele. It really does do the original justice and even tries to look like the original video, how neat is that eh?