Pale Guru

Format: demo album Released: 1991?
Track listing: Love Crime / Néhal / World Just Dissappear / Pale Guru / Let It Fall / When The Bubbles Are Bursting / Sheffield Steel / Love Crime 12'' Mix / Don't Walk Away / God's Other Children

Details are a bit sketchy on this one. The track listing comes courtesy of David Smylie (thanks David) - and as you'll see, some of the tracks ended up on the Hopeful Monsters album. Some however didn't, and I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has this demo album in their loft.

Thanks to Martin Taylor, I've now managed to obtain the track "Let It Fall". It used to be performed a lot by the band during their live concerts (usually the opening number) and it certainly brings back memories of me seeing the band live.

Estimated Value: Very tough to guess, especially a demo album might have been distributed in even less quantities than the Higher cassette, so probably around £80-100 at least.