Warner Music UK New Releases

Warner Music UK New Releases 26

Format: Promotional CD Released:1992
Cat No: PROMO CD 26 Featured: Love Crime

Warner Music UK New Releases 32

Format: Promotional CD Released: 1992
Cat No: PROMO CD 32 Featured: Banjos In Bengal

Warner Music UK would send countless promotional material to record shops in an attempt to have their singles released at the time promoted by playing the tracks in the shop, so that customers would then take note and listen, and perhaps buy said single as it had been released. Bear in mind that 1992 was an age before mass Internet access, and so promotional items were the way to try and entice the public to listen accordingly.

Due to the band being signed to Warner Music UK at the time, both the singles from that era ended up on the Warner Music UK promotional CDs. Love Crime ended up on Promo CD number 26, along with Marc Almond, Wildhearts, Julee Cruise, The Sisters of Mercy, Rod Stewart and KD Lang - there's some excellent singles on there - I think the Marc Almond one was on Promo CDs 24 to 27! Banjos in Bengal would end up on Promo CD number 32, and in such exalted company on that disc such as Madonna, Smiths, Aztec Camera, Enya, Simply Red, Prince, oh, and Jimmy Nail. Yes, really. And that single was number one as well. Probably didn't help matters that it was straight after Banjos in Bengal in this case.

The CDs themselves were a relatively plain affair, here's numbers 26 and 32 from my own collection as proof of that:

Warner Music UK New Released Promo CD 26

Warner Music UK New Releases Promo CD 32 - CD itself

Estimated Value: Around £5 each - they don't always turn up that often to their age, but other CDs of the same era also sell for that amount.