Where Can I Buy Stuff?

As you might have imagined by now, for an indie band who existed between 1990 and 1992, the Internet was a fledgling thing, there was no thing such as eBay or anything like that, nor did any web site exist to promote the band - you had to do it the old school way, word of mouth, concerts etc.

As a result of this locating any of the singles or albums can be a difficult and frustrating task. I for one having purchased almost everything on day of release by the band (apart from Hopeful Monsters album, which I never managed to get at the time) saw that a few weeks later you could never get stock of anything as it was soon deleted. However, don't fret! My long term goal is seeing if Rus Harrison himself has the master tape for Hopeful Monsters so that, one day, a proper CD release of the album could yet become reality.

In the meantime, you might wish to visit a few of these websites, which usually get Cygnet Ring stuff in stock, normally the East West released Love Crime and Banjos in Bengal singles on vinyl and CD, with occasional original releases of the Pale Guru single and the original Love Crime single. So I'd recommend these first, but as ever, stock is dependent on who buys it!

If you know of anywhere else that regularly stocks Cygnet Ring music, please let me know!

A veritable market place for people to complete their discographies, and a lot of traders also moved here after GEMM went bust. I had a hand in the discography on the site too, contributing what I could for accuracy.

As at 22 April 2021, their dealers had the following in stock:
18 Daze (7" single)
Love Crime (original release - Protocol) (7" single)
Love Crime (original release - NorthSouth) (7" single)
Love Crime (re-release) (7", 12" and CD single)
Pale Guru (12" and 12" promo single)
Banjos in Bengal (7", 12" and 12" promo single)
Pop Renaissance (compilation)
Manchester North of England (compilation)

Here's a link to the Discogs items for sale for The Cygnet Ring - use wisely.

Musicstack (formerly Netsounds)
A great place for purchasers to access the stock of many private record collectors and dealers. Although mainly dealing with the UK, there's some international dealers here too.

As at 22 April 2021, their dealers had the following in stock:
18 Daze (7" single)
Banjos in Bengal (7" and 12" single)
Love Crime (re-release) (7" and 12" single)
Love Crime (original release) (7" single)
Pale Guru (12" single)

Vinyl Tap
A second music store based in Leeds, with over 20 years of supplying music fans with all their rarities. Tends to stick to Record Collector pricing at times, so can be a little expensive.

As of 22 April 2021, they had the following in stock:
Love Crime (original release) (7" single, Protocol)
Love Crime (re-release) (7" and 12" single)
Pale Guru (12" single)

Action Records
Large independent music shop based in Preston, well worth a visit if you're there. They also have specialist shops covering dance music as well.

As of 22 April 2021, they had the following in stock:
Love Crime (re-release) (12" single)

The Spacebar Records
Dealer based in Hebden Bridge. They also advertise on eBay but you can buy directly from them in UK currency as well, saving them eBay fees for selling the item on there.

As of 22 April 2021, they had the following in stock:
Love Crime (re-release) (7" single)
Banjos in Bengal (7" single)

Well known record dealer based in Meopham in Kent, and have been advertising in Record Collector magazine for as long as I can remember. They sometimes offer their stuff on eBay but best to buy direct from them.

As of 27 June 2020, they have no items by The Cygnet Ring in stock.

Of course, there's always eBay as well. A lot of record traders now have eBay shops on there which allow you to buy items from them for a fixed fee instead of having to wait for the last 30 seconds of the auction and missing out (I'm sure we've all done that!)

This is a revised link to look for Cygnet Ring music items on eBay. Use it, and use it wisely.