Music is one of the most important things of my life, as my CD collection will testify. I have listened to a lot of music over the last fifteen years, and the variety and scope ranges from Aphex Twin to Frank Zappa, seriously. The main thing though is that it's different from the norm, where proper bands playing real instruments get the vote to be in my personal esteem.

The listening and viewing rig is complete for now, and is a full on surround setup with more than adequate qualities for straight stereo, and includes floorstanding front speakers for the rocking 2 channel stereo sound. Below is what the pages contain:

Top 10 Singles Of All Time   My all time favourite top 10 singles
Top 10 Albums Of All Time   My all time favourite top 10 albums
120 Seconds   A compilation of songs no longer than two minutes, here's what I came up with!
Forgotten Indie Bands No 1: The Bedflowers   The first of a series remembering cool bands hardly anyone else got to hear.
Forgotten Indie Bands No 2: The Cygnet Ring   Chorlton's finest, it was a Love Crime that no one took any notice! Now I've written a whole website about them so this link will take you there..
Forgotten Indie Bands No 3: Bennet   Mum's Gone to Iceland, they get their only top 40 single, and they're chirpy Cockney banter won many a fan over.
Top 10 Cover Versions Of All Time   Does exactly what it says on the tin!
Bottom 10 Cover Versions Of All Time   And here is the dirge of the worst of the worst..
10 Really Awful Pop Records   Channel 4's poll missed out these awful songs..
Top 10 Instrumentals Of All Time   Vocals? What are they? Not here, that's what.
Crapola Volume 1: Favourite Sport Themes   The first in the series otherwise known as "Don't Buy This!" and with good reason.
Then and Now: 1994   Ironic how music you listen to then can still be around now, as this year in particular proves.
TMF's 10 Worst Ever Music Videos   They're bad, they're bad, and they know it..
10 Classic Television Themes   What makes a series memorable is the TV theme sometimes - and here's ten which anyone should consider classics.
Top 10 Gigs of All Time   Sometimes you just go to a gig and it's not just about a live band you see, it has meaning. And here's why.
10 Unlikely Cover Versions   Cue cries of "I never ever expected that!" when you realise just how unexpectedly good some of them are.
Football Records   When footballers get together to make a song, is it good, bad or absolutlely plug ugly? Here's where I dissect some of them for fun.
Birmingham's B-Side   Based on the Visit Birmingham competition, I've selected my top 20 from Birmingham and the West Midlands as if I were a judge.
My Top 5 Gig Gripes   Going to a gig is great, but there are some things which bug me..
Classic TV Themes 1: Kick Start   The first of a series devoted to all time classic TV themes of all time.