Here I will be placing online some of my writing for you to read. They'll be unfinished works in the main, like the unfinished first chapter of my abortive first novel attempt, but there'll also be short stories and stuff - ideal bedtime surfing.

Unfinished Works 1 A half-finished first chapter.
The Tale of An Unhappy Bunny Ickle cute bunny rabbit needs someone. Awww.
The Last Five Minutes A story of love and death
Why I Hate David Pleat An excerpt from my football memories..
I Remember When We Scored Ten Another football memory excerpt. Why the hell not?
Two Close For Comfort Two friends admit their true feelings..
If I Had One Million Dollars A thought or two based on a song.
Unfinished Works 2 The sequel to one, again unfinished..
Saturday Night Diary A story of a late night that could be anywhere in the UK..
10 Things Before I Turn 40 I was once asked an interesting question, so here's my answer.
My Top Ten Formula One Races In all the years of F1, which races have stood out, and why?
If I Ran Superstars If I was in charge of the iconic sporting show, what would I do with it?
When Football Didn't Matter Why just after my 13th birthday changed the way I saw football
Christmas 20 Questions Q&A So what does Christmas mean to me? Here's where you find out...
World Snooker Championship 2023 FAQ All the questions you need to ask about the Crucible marathon..
The Gibb Report - Analysed My analysis of Chris Gibb's report into Southern and GTR