Poetry - April 2020

The Walk In The Park

I feel so lucky whilst I'm here
To have a park that isn't far away
I can walk to it and get some exercise
And fresh air is good at this time of day
Keeping my distance from everyone
And walking the lesser used route
As I descend into the tulip valley
And try to climb up the hills to suit
It's certainly more appreciated now
As the escape that I'm allowed to have
From the current situation we're all in
That bit of time makes it all seem less naff.

(Having a local park to walk around and follow different paths has at least meant a sensible escape from the current situation once a day, as I'm allowed to do.)

Diggin' Shindigger

So not far from Manchester City centre
Over the border in Salford to be exact
Lies the Shindigger brewers who make nice beer
And they had a plan to put into act
They would do same day delivery of their beer
For the local Mancunian people
Anywhere inside the M60 was pretty good
And they also recruited drivers and more people
You would order on the day
And get the beers delivered safe in the evening
It worked really well and it was a welcome treat
And one that became a bit of a win
So if you're local and want some good beer
I'm diggin' Shindigger and their plan
The Mango Unchained is so wonderful
I've become a massive fan.

(In these times, businesses adapting well are ones to support - and certainly for Mancunians the Shindigger folks have got it spot on - local deliveries same day for Manchester, and UK wide by courier. Get it ordered!)

Little Ducklings

All along the Ashton Canal
Are the hordes of Canadian Geese
They don't want your stale bread
But they do want decent food at least
They have a family to feed
And their little tiny ducklings
All fluffy and soft and yellow and grey
Who take their first step to spread wings
Having a little swim along the canal
With their parents being protective
Anyone who dares go near them
Will have a goosey gander at a screech by perogative
They're just adorable as they swim
Learning the ways of the water
And brightens up the day of families
As they walk safely and all in order.

(I must admit seeing all those little ducklings when I've done canal walks has been rather lovely - certainly a boost to the spirits it has to be said.)

Lies, Lies and More Lies

There's so many untruths from this Government
As the nation attempts to try to come together
From when they have been sourcing PPE
To the gagging orders of NHS workers all over
It's cloak and dagger and directed by liars
Who think it's all going to be okay to take it on the chin
Nothing could be further from the truth
As those in care homes die by Government sin
The daily toll grows more worrying by the day
The total may even be underestimated
But the constant lies over the stocks of PPE
Really shows that there's trust that's decimated
It's all very well staying at home
As so many of us have been directed to do
But if you're not going to follow that advice yourself
Then how the hell can we really trust you
It's distractional all the time saying we're leading the fight
When so many people are dying before their time
I'm sick of all the lies and manipulation
And hopefully, everyone will see this Government's crime.

(The lies keep happening, the "we've done really well" mantra doesn't stick when we have the highest death toll in Europe, and second worst in the world, and the constant lying by the likes of Matt Hancock and others doesn't wash.)

Play Ball Haiku

Play ball with me please
So I can paw it away
And then bounce it back!

(Brian the cat loves playing ball with this bouncy ball he has - especially if in his favourite box. He loves it!)