Poetry - August 2020

Eating Out Cheaper Is Not A New Thing

So everyone has decided to eat out
And follow that same mantra to help out
But you can't help think that some might
Have never ventured out on a weekday night
And had a nice meal in a relaxed setting
Where a cheaper meal is what they're getting
Even before all this current situation
Plenty of restaurants had got a reputation
For having various different offers in the week
Which made the expense of eating out less bleak
Or they've had two for one with Meerkat Meals
And had their eye on other chain restaurant deals
I've used a voucher for pubs to eat during the week
Which means I got more for the dosh that I seek
So although the offer will end pretty soon
There'll be plenty next month as some places see it as a boon
Their places have at least been busy enough
And that definitely is a bonus in times that are tough
So just remember eating out cheaper is not a new thing
And of those all year round bargains, we should sing.

(The queues outside certain restaurants show that the current Eat Out To Help Out scheme has been a success: but even before the current situation, a lot of restaurants and pubs were cheaper to eat at in the week anyway, so well worth noting.)

Staying Safe

I'm taking my country walks at the weekend
With plenty of fresh air to be had
But one thing's definitely for certain
And it's something that I'm really glad
People are at least out here being distant
And ensuring we all have enough space
So if we need to pass on the path
I'll take to the grass and give the others grace
A cyclist will ring their bell for me
As they come towards the way I am heading
And they will say thank you to me
As I keep out of their way and be moving
It's not too much to ask of anyone
To give you that two metres of distance
You never know that might just save you
So make sure you all adopt the same stance.

(I have to admit that doing my walks has been really good as of late, and everyone is polite and keeps the necessary two metres apart too - which does help me feel safer when doing so.)

It's All Gone A Bit Messi

Barcelona used to be so dominant
Beating teams in Europe everywhere
But the last season or two are different
They just don't have that same flair
The manager seems to change every year
And the same situation occurs each time
They don't have what it takes in Europe
And hammered by Bayern was sublime
Of course you could argue they over-rely
On one footballer from Argentina
Who on his day is superlative, I admit
But shut him out and you're on a winner
It seems that there's a new change at the club
Which will mean that the player will leave
It's a sign that it has all gone a bit Messi
And that it may take years for Barca to retrieve.

(Interesting changing of the guard in the Catalans, that is for sure.)

Running Away

Every time there appears to be a problem
You can't find the person responsible
And every time something else happens
Then that person is the invisible man
It's as if there's no existence at all
And that by hiding it will all go away
Running away from a problem never solved anything
So you'd expect better from those in power.

(Says it all....)

Tickle Me Cat Haiku

Brian likes fuss
Tummy tickles everywhere
And lots of cuddles.

(Brian the cat is so adorable when he lies down with his famous "tickle me" face on!)