Poetry - December 2019

Losing My Vote

So several years ago I changed allegiance
To whom I supported politically
Primarily because I could see that I needed
A change who took climate change seriously
I also saw one party lose their way
And reject those who thought any different
And another party want to go to other extremes
Where it was okay to be racist and malignant
It didn't make for a pleasurable watch
As lie after lie was told during the campaign
But those who told truth were shouted down
And that made me feel rather unhappy again
So the main parties have lost my vote
They don't represent what I stand for
But for my vote to really count one day
The system must change in everyone's favour

(It was a case of seeing the exit poll prediction, working out it was going to be carnage, and then deciding it wasn't worth staying up to see what was going to happen - I already knew it is going to be massive change ahead)

The Half Ton Hero

One magical night in Leeds
The crowd whipped up in the First Direct Arena
As they saw strongmen battle it out
With the deadlift proving who was the meaner
More weight added every time
As it grew in stature and onwards in weight
Until it was getting to a mythical target
Where the half ton could be attempted tonight
It was going to take a mammoth effort
But I like many thought it might just be done
And as Eddie Hall came striding out
He looked like he meant business for one
The crouch down to the bar was taken
The bar was coming off the floor
All the strain as the bar and weight rose
The knee locked out and the crowd wanted more
It had been achieved with blood out of the nose
And a small moment of panic after that
But the half ton deadlift had been achieved
And some effort by The Beast, I can say that.

(One of my more recent highlights of World's Strongest Man, definitely - a real sense of achievement when Eddie Hall did this in the European qualifiers.)

Walking Away

Leaving the office for the final time
Thinking about all of the memories
Knowing that it was time to move on
And seek a new set of journeys
Where the work will be different
And the work will be just as valued
But a new challenge to take on
One which will be shortly ensued
It's a final walk away from the door
As you head off to never be here again
It's a case of a sense of finality
And wasn't a case of if, but when
As undereath all the smiles and handshakes
You had become unhappy in what you did
It just felt like you were overlooked somewhat
And that was something not to keep a lid
On what the future may hold elsewhere
As you were headhunted for the new post
So onwards to a new challenge
And one you'll hopefully treasure most.

(Always mixed feelings when you leave a job, but sometimes it can work out for the best.)

The Cold Dark Winter Night

The temperature drops below freezing
The air seems clear and yet so black
All you can see is the breathing out
As the weather shows how cold it is
You could carry on walking further
In an attempt to try and keep warm
But it's just another attempt to numb the pain
The pain inside of feeling so helpless
As the night draws in deeper
And you just want to go to sleep
Wherever that may be found
It's such a difficult thing to do
Knowing that you feel so alone out here
As the cold dark winter night continues.

(It's always hard at any time of year to see homelessness, but even more so when it is very cold in Winter and it's heartbreaking at times for those who have fallen on hard times.)

Festive Haiku

Give me some turkey
And all the trimmings as well
I love this dinner!

(Especially when The Love In My Heart makes it, and I look forward to that. A lot.)