Poetry - December 2020

Walking In A Non-Winter Wonderland

There's no snow to be around
As none has fallen at all this month
Yet there's a feeling of fresh air
And the muddy paths underneath
As the hills give way to open space
The forests become a clearing
And in all of the times we live in
Getting some exercise is appealing
The fresh air really does help a lot
As there's a sense of belonging
Knowing that there's a good walk ahead
Makes it feel more like Spring
As I head through the hills
And towards my new destination
I know that the walks are doing me good
And that fills me with some elation.

(Doing my walks means I get fresh air, stay safe and even without snow, it just feels a good thing to do in the current situation.)

All I Can Do Is Be There

I don't always have the right words to say
And sometimes what comes out isn't fair
But I know that I can do what I can in support
All I can do is be there
For times when a hug with a loved one is most needed
To other times when there's moments to share
Whether virtually in the most part of now
All I can do is be there
For the sad and happy moments we all face
No matter what life throws at us right there
There's a time and place for everything, so
All I can do is be there
When you need me most I'll do what I can
Even if that means knowing that I care
To do what I can to provide words of support
All I can do is be there.

(Sometimes no words or no emotions can be enough, but being there for someone and being able to be the kind person is a much better thing. Be there for those you love and cherish, no matter if it's virtual or not.)

The Mad Rush Out Of London

A higher restriction is announced around London
Everyone knows that it's not going to be good news
The words of the press conference ring very true
That it was a new strain or mutation causing the blues
So many people feel upset and hurt by it all
But then an idea comes into people's brain
Get leaving the capital before midnight tonight
Tell you what, let's go and get a train
So many though have all the same ideas
Leaving to queues at St Pancras station
All of a sudden it's a scramble to get on
No social distancing, and a very bad situation
It means people cannot be the right distance apart
So risking many more chances of infection
The train could become a super spreader of its own
Bringing the new strain across the nation
You can understand why people would want to go
And I know that they all just felt the need to escape
But it's a last minute decision from Government again
Which means that such quick decisions people will take.

(It was mad to see so many wanting to get out of London before new restrictions hit, but also shows too just how much people want to get some normality in their lives. Unfortunately there may also be a new disease spread because of it.)

Remembering the Haçienda

Was it really all those years ago, in 1982
When the world famous club opened up
Funded by the meagre profits of New Order
And who would have thought that in a few years
It would have been the place to be for the young
It broke ground with it's individual dress code
Not fancy trousers or shirts were necessary
And Hooky was the prime advocate of this I believe
Many of the bands that would make 'Madchester'
Played here at some stage in their careers
Even The Smiths in their youth took the stage here
And Madonna went there before she really made it big
As time went on and the reputation grew
So the drugs and the violence arrived with it
It had to be shut for a while which was sad
Before eventually having to close its doors
It now doesn't even exist as a building anymore
As modern flats are on the site where it was
But there will always be a place in Mancunian hearts
For the iconic yellow and black signs around the posts
The DJs who would spin up quality tunes
And those that went and had that atmosphere there
Will always have their own memories
Of that unique place called the Haçienda.

(Ah, good memories.)

Christmas Tree Cat Haiku

Brian hides by the tree
He loves to snuggle in there
Feeling all festive!

(Brian the cat does love a bit of Christmas tree!)