Poetry - February 2019

Misty Morning

Heading out of bed this morning
I can't even see the tower blocks nearby
All I can see is a swirling grey mist
That shows the cold night gone by
It slowly seems to be clearing
As the sun begins to rise
And I need to get up and out there
As I rub open my tired eyes
The grey mist seems ethereal
As I walk outside in the weather
Knowing that it'll soon be gone
And that my love and I can be together
The mist becomes a haze
With the clouds shifting thankfully away
And I know that tonight when it goes cold
The sky will once more turn grey.

(Seen a few of these misty mornings lately - quite different to say the least...)

The Clock Is Ticking

Fifteen seconds for your shot
Speeding to the next position
Make sure you hit the cushion
Or else it's a foul and derision
The other player has ball in hand
It's time for them to rack a break
But they are too slow to hit a shot
And the time limit means heartbreak
Your time to pot some balls
The shot clock reducs to ten
You hit the balls hard in pockets
Waiting for the ref to replace them
Now the beeps are sounding
As you attempt to slow the clock
The crowd yell out "yellow"
As the colours are yours to pot
Then you get to the blue ball
It's definitely one to win through
The crowd are all full of beer
And all chant out "bluuuuuuuuuuuue!"

(Certainly much different than other snooker events is the Snooker Shoot-Out. Purists dislike it, but it's a bit of fun half way through the season and taken more seriously now it's a ranking event....)

Sesame Street Pinball

As a child I loved Sesame Street
They had a segment on numbers
It had a pinball machine with a song
That counted with The Pointer Sisters
One two three four five
Six seven eight nine ten
Eleven twelve went the song
As the pinball went into holes, then
There'd be a themed middle bit
With some crazy animation
And people exclaiming the number
Almost as if in constipation
It was though immensely watchable
And for many it's still a fond memory
Years later I realised some things
Number one never got its story
And in fact the start and end was the same
Just the middle part was the theme
It was essential watching as a child
And for 50 years in 2019
They've now got a proper pinball game
With all the music from the show
And even the same animation too
What a great idea to go!

(Everyone loved the pinball number count from Sesame Street when they were little - and seeing it back now as a pinball game is just rather brilliant!)


The month or so that you have to work
That difficult notice period
Is one where you are able to be more free
And show to everyone you're good
You aim to get so much completed
And have a determed aim to leave right
Making sure that everyone is aware of what you do
And that they'll all come to your leaving night
It's a surreal situation really
When you decide to leave and move on
But when you know a job isn't right for you
You know that you have to take action
I've seen situations with people in tears
And that doesn't really make me smile
I could of course have stayed it out
And tried to weather things for a while
But at the same time you have to be happy
In whatever job that you do
And the moment that you're not
Isn't really the right place for you
I've managed to do so much
That hopefully everyone will value over time
But for now there's one final push
To ensure that everything gets over the line.

(Always a tough one when you do decide to leave a job and move on. It's not always an easy decision to make but you selfishly have to make the right job for yourself.)

Masham Haiku

Get me some Black Sheep
I love the ale from Masham
Stay at The White Bear.

(It was so nice in Masham last week..)