Poetry - February 2020

Midnight Numbness

I sit here
Looking into nothing
Seeing nothing here
Being together with me
As I am alone
Silence is dark
The night is black
The clock is as one
It is midnight
Outside is black
There is no movement
Only silence
As outside is night
The night is dark
Dark is black
Black is silence
Silence is outside
As I see peace
In all this blackness
My senses are numb
Seeing murder
Seeing multilation
Yet my mind has hope
Of a silence one day
Of no disturbances
From gunshots
From terrorist bombs
From warheads
From brute force
All that is violence
Will end in silence
That no one will hear
Because we're all dead
If we carry on as we are.

(It's very easy to have the mind wander at night. Admittedly I can do so far too often and it's usually thinking about all what is going on in the world that's not right..)

Red Sky In The Morning

Waking up one morning
All I could see was a red sky
It was as if it was the end of the night
But with the roles reversed, you cry
It's a case of that redness shining bright
As you head up and out of bed
With that backdrop to the start of the day
As you see just that the sky is red
The clouds are just non-existent
As the red glow slowly turns to blue
As the morning rises for the day to come
And it's definitely a sight to see it's true
But then again that red sky comes back
As the sun sets on another February day
And you do start to wonder whether
It's just a case of the weather today.

(Seeing a red sky in the morning is more rare than at night, but rather good to see this month it has to be said.)

Something Is Broken

Everything appears not to be working the right way
There's a real sense that something is broken
From the political discourse which is all about dystopia
To the fact that trains can't ever seem to run on time
It's a sense that you can't seem to escape
No matter what you do or where you appear to go
There's just a constant sense of failure everywhere
And a sense that nothing will be the same as what it was.

(A wider view maybe, but there's definitely less of me feeling happy about the world I live in currently.)

The Golden Rules of Hunted

With the TV show around four series in
The contestants must have been made aware
That there's some golden rules for the show Hunted
And if they don't: well I would really like to share
First rule of course is never to use a phone
Because that phone will be tracked straight away
With the ground teams getting your location
And that might mean a capture without delay
The second rule is the same as the first
Don't use a mobile phone even if it's someone else's
As no doubt you'll be calling an associate for help
And that means that it'll be on the run for you, yes!
The third rule is also not to use any cash points
As that transaction not only would be tracked
But also your location is shown to all on video camera
And that means ground hunters will put you under attack
It's sticking to a game plan and going off the grid
Where you won't find a camera around anywhere
And you might just escape the Hunters in time
And win the jackpot,and be brave, and be aware.

(Makes me giggle when I see the contestants on Hunted use a phone especially when you know that's going to be tracked down - so don't do it!)

Sleepy Cat Haiku

Brian loves his sleep
Give him a duvet right now
Resting his cuteness.

(Brian the cat and a duvet - marriage made in heaven for him!)