Poetry - February 2021

All That Way For Nothing

It's a cold icy Winter's day
You're a loyal supporter
And so you find yourself
On a two hundred mile journey
To another cold league ground
You think the fixture planners
In all their infinite wisdom
Would have given you a localish game
So as not to endure long hours
Sitting in a supporters' coach
Looking at endless motorways
With nothing but roadworks to deter
And thus delaying you getting there
So you arrive at the ground
And it's half an hour to kick off
And it's extremely cold
You try to chant to keep warm
And then the game kicks off
From the first minute
When your side hits the crossbar
You feel it's not your team's day
In the end they lose one nil
To a flukey last minute goal
That looked well offside to you
But out of the ground you go
Feeling dejected and depressed
All that way for nothing!

(Despite all of that tale, I do miss being a football fan at games and having to through those sort of occasions. It's just not the same.)

I Can't Dance and I Don't Care

I freely admit it I cannot dance
I think when they dished out left feet
They gave me seven to dance with
Or that's how it seems anyway
So I instead can pogo on an indie night
It doesn't matter what you do
But I don't look as effective as the rest
I don't have long hair - not a help
Anyway I pogo on as you do
And I just tend to go wild as various bits of various songs
I don't care one bit to be honest
I know I can't dance at all
So I just go out and enjoy myself.

(I can't dance - and I'm not meithered. If I want to see good dance, there's always Strictly, or a stage show (when we're allowed to go back to theatres of course) - and besides, we all have our foibles.)

When I Die

I want to be cremated
On a beach in a part of Cornwall
So the pain is less
The pleasure is my all
I've really had a think of
When I eventually go
The only thing I wonder is
Where will I go?
Maybe I should decide
In the will that I write
That a fair amount is given
To causes just and right
And who deserve
A little bit of sunshine
A little bit of happiness
And that giving will be mine
No one wants to remember you
And those last painful hours
They instead want to remember life
Where you were all ours
Just another statistic I become
One less in the census count
But for those that matter to me
They'll always care for me in amounts
Could I possibly do things now
To avert the course of life
So whatever that people predict
Will mean I won't be in strife?
I'd certainly like to think
That when I do leave and I'm in an urn
That I am dealt with
In the according manner of concern
That may be of use
So that others can benefit
My vital organs may be used
To those whose life can be made fit
Every day I spend alive
Is a day closer to me not being
It's not a nice subject
But we do have to think about it, seeing
That if I died suddenly
Then all my life would go before me
And flash past in an instant
As the pain is for everyone else to see
But if I die
Think this of me
That I was here too
I lived a life so free
It was my own, whatever I did
I wanted to do it my way
I saw it for myself
And no one can take that away.

(As daft as it might sound, I might need to write a will at some point. I know what I want to happen, and I know if The Love In My Heart outlives me, she will sort it, but I did have a good think the other day.)

Construction Cacophany

Not far from me there's a new building
Where work has been going on for a while
Every morning it's the sound of the drills
That get me up without a a smile
Seven in the morning seems an early start
But I guess there's a lot of shifts to do
So it means that those who want to build
Can put in a full day's work too
It does however mean I feel not at ease
When I am trying to work hard from home
The constant noise does put me off
And that isn't so good really, please
I will be glad when it's all over
And the building is finished with flats a plenty
But who is going to buy them now
As jobs are scarce and not much money.

(It's been at least a year or so since construction happened not far from me - not always the most pleasant noise either it has to be said.)

Valentine Cat Haiku

Brian wants a fuss
Lots of cuddles for me please
And where's my Dreamies?

(Always has his priorities right does Brian the cat!)