Poetry - July 2020

Back To The Office

I'm taking my first and slow steps back
To some form of normality where I work
And I can visit the office securely and safely
I won't feel so home alone, it drives me berserk
I also need to have access to things to test
So it means I can use my time effectively
But at the same time I know these are baby steps
Everyone will be taking things a bit slowly
I do think though I need some kind of normal
After the last few months have been so different
It's been at least something I've got things running
And that my hard work is been recognised to that extent
It's one day at a time and probably one day a week
With the rest of it working securely at home
At least though I can see that we're making progress
And eventually it'll all be wherever my work my roam.

(I must admit I've done a couple of test day runs in one of the offices at work and that's proven to be useful for a number of reasons. I think too for me that it's also been good that I can work out a safe way to commute and work well with everyone.)

Back To The Nineties

Browsing in a record shop the other day
I found some nineties massive tunes
That reminded me of when indie clubs played dance
And everyone just went mental like loons
It was an intriguing situation where you'd play Stone Roses
And in the next minute play Altern 8
But it's that eclectic taste that made nights cool
And what special indie nights were great
You could slip in some tunes as a DJ
And belt out Atlantic Ocean's Waterfall
The indie kids would know it and dance like mad
It just made perfect sense to one and all
It's clear that the cool kids had the best record collections
Not dictating one sort of music to the crowd
So when your bass bins were pumping
You just felt so Mancunian and proud
I listen to those nineties tunes even now
They haven't lost any of their lustre either
It shows that dance and indie mixed effortlessly
And it was all cool and without any meither.

(Buying a couple of 90s dance CD singles the other day made me reminisce of how cool the likes of Bar Kay and 42nd Street were between 1991 and 1994, mixing indie and dance to great effect. Such happy times.)

North Cornish Sunset

There's a special place in my heart
And one that I can't wait to see
It'll be when I head down to Cornwall
And feel like my spiritual home for me
I just love the fact I'm so far West
With a culture and speciality all of its own
No matter where I go around this county
I just feel like it's good to be home
The night starts to fall, the sun starts to set
I know that it's going to be a special time
As the orange glow is on the horizon
And the feeling of that sun setting is sublime
I love seeing the sun go down at that time
I want to just hold the hand of my love
And know it's our special moment together
As the sky falls down from above
It's a sunset I can't wait to see soon
And it's one we've both earned for
And that special red North Cornish sunset
Will be ours to treasure forever more.

(I just cannot wait to head to Cornwall and just have those wonderful sunsets...)

Humidity Hell

It's not so much the temperature out there today
But it's the humidity that goes with it
Within a few minutes I can feel the sweat
As it pours slowly down my back
All I can feel is the need to be able to get some aircon
So I can at least breathe sort of easier
It's just not the nicest feeling ever
As no matter what ever small move I make
It always seems to be just another pint of sweat
As the humidity rises during the afternoon
I'm just so glad to be in the office for now
Later on though is going to be hellish
And I just need to be able to take it easy
So we'll see how that works out later
But I just want to be able to cool off somehow
And not feel this humidity hell.

(Just too sticky and humid - it doesn't work so well..)

A Drug Against War Haiku

Stronger than ever
They are a drug against war

(Still my favourite KMFDM song - and by all accounts Sascha Konietzko of the band thinks it is too!)