Poetry - June 2022

The Wrong Thing

Sometimes I want to contribute
Into a subject that I am passionate in
But I don't always get the words right
And sometimes say the wrong thing
I know that I am good at my work
And that I usually fit well right in
But in the heat of an evening of chatter
I accidentally blurt out the wrong thing
I wanted to be able to do so much
And my life is full of planning
But when things don't go according to plan
I might end up doing the wrong thing.

(No one is perfect, and I'm definitely not, and sometimes it's better to admit you can't get everything right all of the time, but still.)

The Season Is Over

There's a feeling of emptiness
As you pass the ground tonight
Knowing that you've been there
For so much joy and delight
But the final game has gone
The concerts are moving in
All you feel is so empty
That you can't describe within
But the season is now over
The football is finished for a while
At least in that final game
The team played to give you a smile
The quietness around the ground
Just seems like a pin will drop
But you can't wait until mid-August
So you can resume wearing your football top.

(Definitely there's always a sense of emptiness when there's no football after the league season. But we do have Women's Euro 2022 to look forward to.)

Friends Reunited

It was late 2019 since I saw
Three of my good friends together
With the four of us having fun
With laughs that would go on forever
Then things started to hit badly
With the situation being so bad
And what we'd planned for April 2020
Was an event we cancelled - we just had
As things developed over time
And we all met for regular drinks online
We all said that it didn't feel the same
Until we were back in a pub having a good time
So as things gradually got better
And talk became of what could be
A date was set and plans were made
Hopefully we'd all be okay, but we'll see
I even got two of them on the same train
Getting on at different places which was good
As the weeks counted down I was excited
And my love knew that I would
When the weekend actually happened
It felt like we'd not missed each other
Lots of conversation, beer and games
With friendly chatter to all like a brother
It felt so good to be back
As we reflected in a pub's beer garden
That no matter what had happened
We were friends reunted, job's a good'un.

(It was so wonderful to see three of my good friends again this month after so much time of having to do everything virtually..)

Motorway Madness

A four lane monster encircles London
That we all know and hate as the M25
There's already a similar circle
Of concrete and miles of tarmac
Around Birmingham as well, and then
Manchester followed suit too with the M60
The motorways are just an obsession
To get traffic on the move
But in reality it's all a fallacy
As it does nothing but make it worse
As everyone tends to use them more
Even the M40 into London is jammed
They always seem to have the dreaded cones
You can even ring up a hotline about them now
Just miles and miles of getting on
The real life road to nowhere.

(Somehow Talking Heads' Road To Nowhere seems somewhat appropriate for all the endless motorways and circles at that.)

Bouncy Cat Haiku

Brian loves the ball
Bouncy bouncy play with it
And use his paws well!

(Brian the cat always loves a good play with his bouncy ball, pawing it away wonderfully well. He is so adorable.)