Poetry - May 2022

Snooker's Expense

So the tickets have gone on sale
For next year's Crucible marathon
Seventeen days of multiple sessions
And the highest level of action
But this is all coming at a price
Which is less affordable each year
The cheapest tickets cost forty pounds
For one session, so getting dear
Several years ago I was able to go
Because tickets were very affordable
I could pay twelve pounds and be front row
And enjoy the match without hassle
The demand has shot through the roof
With tickets being in high demand
And with corporate selections available
There's many less for the proper fan
I've not been for the last few years
Because the prices are getting too high
And if it carries on like this for much longer
As someone who goes, I'll have to say goodbye.

(Cheapest session at the World Snooker Championship 2023 is £40 plus booking fee, which is getting a tad unaffordable - especially as it gets even dearer in later rounds. The demand is there but it is pricing the everyday fan out of the game.)

Lunch By The Sea

It's so nice to be beside the seaside
With the waves lapping up gently on shore
And whilst in Eastbourne having a walk
I found a place that I'll instantly adore
Where the staff are all friendly and lovely
The beer they serve is local and tasty
The outdoor area with the views of the sea
Means that it's a prime spot to be
I had a table overlooking the pebbled beach
With the sea looking beautiful just beyond
I had a beer from the Long Man brewery
A very cold and very refreshing blonde
The sun came out to shine on the beer
And the food came over to my table
It was a beautiful lot of fish chips and peas
Which I enjoyed with my view to the full
I really loved the atmosphere and calm
As the sea waves gently lapped ashore
It's a lovely little spot to have lunch by the sea
And I'll definitely be coming back for more.

(What a wonderful spot being at The Beach Deck in Eastbourne - lovely food and staff, lovely beer, everything just lovely, and well worth it.)

Title Tussle

No quarter asked or given
As both teams battle it out to win
It'll be a fight to the finish
And one mistake lets the others in
One team plays first and wins
And then puts the pressure on
The other team responds so well
And wins with suitable aplomb
It's back and forth for weeks
As both sides really show their worth
It's so many wins on the bounce
With a powerful battle to be first
Whoever does win the title
Will deservedly do so in May
They both are playing with flair
And a special style of play
It's a pleasure to be a part of it
Cheering on my own side
But it makes you appreciate football
With nowhere for either team to hide.

(Just like the epic 2018-19 season where Manchester City won 14 on the bounce to shade it over Liverpool, it's a similar sort of "we win, you win" battle as both sides go for it in the Premier League once again.)

Growing Old Disgracefully

As I get older year on year
One thought always occurs to me
Do I want to get old and miserable
Or should I grow old disgracefully?
I should be thinking of Saga holidays
And the Sun Life plan to take
But I don't want any of that
My own life choices that I'll make
Will be enjoying the life to the full
Spending time with those I care about
Having wonderful moments to share
And making the most of going out
Whether that'll be a walk in the hills
Or if it's pogoing at a live gig
I'll still be doing the same as before
Without a care in the word as I jig
It's less of the thought about retirement
And more about feeling so alive
It's not going to change a thing for me
With the happiness that I strive
Lots of time to spend for me
Being able to do the things I enjoy
Whether that be seeing City win
Or seeing younger relations grow up with joy
One thing I know for sure
Is that whatever age that I'll be
I want to make the most of my time
And grow old rather disgracefully
Full of life and full of happiness
Because I've got so much to live for
I just think of the age as a number
And want to be enjoying my life more.

(I definitely want to grow old disgracefully, and why the hell not?)

Cuddly Cat Haiku

Brian loves cuddles
Snuggling up to his Mummy
Lying there all cute!

(Brian the cat loves nothing more than lying next to his Mummy and wanting lots and lots of cuddles.)