Poetry - October 2019

Paradoxical Rebellion

So Extinction Rebellion are demonstrating
Once again on the streets of the city
Bringing awareness of the climate change
And yet some of them act with no pity
For those who are trying to use public transport
And reduce their carbon footprint
Getting to work and not using a car
Which is surely a greener intent, you'd think
One day some of the protestors decide
That it'd be a good idea to head down
And muck up the Jubilee Line and DLR
Stopping things running at Canning Town
They didn't bargain for the commuters
Who were clearly not understanding the paradox
So took matters right into their own hands
And pulled the protestors off like a pack of dogs
What it proved was that some of the protestors
Were just doing it for their own serial gain
Distrurbing public transport is not what they should be doing
Yet they'll see fit to try it again
The whole sorry episode has lost them support
Just when they may have been winning hearts and minds
It goes to show to never do a paradox
Because that sort of thing really grinds.

(Be greener and use public transport, says everyone, and people do. And targeting those who use it was a massive own goal by a few protestors attaching themselves to Extinction Rebellion, losing their cause considerable support.)

I Love The Old Trams

Whenever I used to go to Blackpool
I always wanted to go on the tram
Their polished paint exterior all shiny
Going down the promenade felt so glam
The wood inside just felt old but good
A nod to a wonderful mode of transport
Wherever I end up going abroad
I hope that there's some old tram to report
Sure enough when I went to Brussels
A lot of the routes had nice new models running
They got you from A to B through the city well
But yet there was nostalgia humming
As one of the old trams made its way
Down the classically posh Avenue Louise
It just felt so wondefully in place there
As the wood shone in the Autumnal breeze.

(There's something just lovely about the old trams that feels not only nostalgic but so pretty on the city streets. There are old trams in Milan apparently so am looking forward to seeing those also.)

Eurostar Excellence

Heading into St Pancras International
Weekend cases with ourselves in tow
We're taking the train to Brussels-Zuid
And the Eurostar is how we'll go
We check in and get security all checked
And have a coffee before we board
An ultra sleek modern E320 train
That leaves us feeling so awed
Everything is clean and shipshape
With nothing out of place whatsoever
Comfortable seats with a window view
That means we'll be happy together
We speed through the countryside
And onwards to the Channel Tunnel
Heading through Northern France
And towards Lille Europe we funnel
It's soon a left turn towards Belgium
And towards the capital Brussels
With our train arriving a little delayed
But really no hassle or troubles
Everything felt just right as we travelled
With city centre to city centre in no time
It's much more civilised than flying
So why not give it a go next time?

(Eurostar were superb as per usual - I can highly recommend it next time you're thinking of a European break.)

Over Tired

I get home on Sunday night
Feeling sad that I've left my love
And the wonderfully cute cat
I try to settle down and into bed
But it's just not happening
I can't think of sleeping thoughts
And lie there thinking for a while
I eventually do try and rest
My head hits the pillow and gone
The alarm wakes me up too soon
The shower feels refreshing
But I know I am over tired
I just want to power through today
And get home to rest and relax.

(It's just sometimes I feel like I'm running on empty when I get home on a Sunday night - it's a weird feeling.)

Balotelli Haiku

He plays for Brescia
He then asks why always me
As he scores again.

(Because he is Mario Balotelli...)