Poetry - October 2020

Ferrier's Faux Pas

As a member of parliament in the current situation
You should be showing an example to us all
Exemplifying obeying the rules that's been set
So that we can see that everyone will follow that call
Especially if you called out rightfully
The shameful behaviour of a special adviser
Who drove to Durham and then took an eye test
Whilst under the cover of being none the wiser
So if you're going to complain about that behaviour
Then even more reason to set an example
So don't get on a train with symptoms of a virus
That's currently resurfacing and stretching resources to the full
The word hypocrite seems appropriate
But I also feel quite a level of sadness
That so many people may fall ill due to your actions
And that's not setting any example of kindness
Hopefully in the days to come your conscience will say
That an apology will never be enough for you
And that you'll do the right thing and step down from post
So we can all see actions have consequences too.

(A certain SNP MP right now isn't exactly behaving the right way in the current climate, and like those others who haven't followed the rules, including a certain government adviser who should have been sacked, unfortunately each rule break will lead the public into non-compliance. Slow handclap.)

Super League Stars

As the Women's Super League season starts
You can't help but notice the new players
Plenty of signings from all over the world
With every side strengthening their cause
From World Cup winners such as Alex Morgan
Rose Lavelle and Saw Mewis as well
To players returning to England from Lyon
All taking on the challenge of the WSL
It's definitely a case of the league being stronger
With more world stars joining in now
It's a case of strengthening the women's game
And that is a positive, I vow.

(So many big name signings in the pre-season for the women's football, which can only be good for the game and shows that the Women's Super League has an increased reputation world wide now.)

Two Hours of Sunset

The evening train leaves Euston
As I head up North to see my love
The sense of the evening drawing to a close
The sun setting down from above
The sky turns from blue to orange
As the glow from the sun draws down
It's a case of looking out of the window
And following the sunset now
The train heads up further North
And I can see the orange turn to black
The sun is almost vanished now
As I manage to arrive safely back
The two hours of sunset have fallen
With the darkness drawing closely in
With my love greeting me with warmth
And it feels like a Friday evening win.

(Autumnal sunsets as I head North on the train seem to have an added beauty, as it did the other week.)

The Warmth Of Your Smile

Every time I feel a little bit down
I know I can't stay sad for a while
Because instead I can think of you
And the warmth of your smile
It says so much without saying anything
How happy and content that you are
It makes me feel happy inside too
And that just shows from afar
We may be miles apart at times
But I know what keeps me senile
Is the thought of you coming to pick me up
The friendliness and warmth of your smile
It is a happy face that cheers me up
And making me have a happy face
As I long for the week to come to an end
And feel your warm embrace.

(It's so true that when I see The Love In My Heart, she always has a happy face to see me, and that makes me feel happy too. I value it even more than ever at present.)

London Loop Haiku

I go for a walk
Looping around the outskirts
Seeing new places.

(Because, I can.)