Alessio (Alex) D'Alessandro Interview

I have great pleasure in bringing you this interview with Alex D'Alessandro, the drummer of The Cygnet Ring. He got in touch with me after visiting the site and agreed to answer some questions for me. I was really pleased that he took the time out to do so for all the fans out there, so many thanks to Alex from all of us. So without further ado..

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your musical career.
I started when I was 8 years old playing drums with my friend's drum kit and since then it's been a long drum-lovestory.

How did you join The Cygnet Ring?
I saw an ad in Melody Maker and I replied.

Did you have a favourite song by the band that you liked?
I think Rus was a good songwriter and I liked most of the songs but maybe I really enjoyed God's Other Children.

Were there any funny or memorable tour moments that you'd like to share?
It's been a long time and difficult to remember but we had some good and some bad times together.

What was the best and worst gig that you played whilst in the band?
I had a few favourite venues like Canterbury and Manchester University, I didn't like the pub gigs!

Do you think that the band deserved more radio airplay and chart success than they had?
Yes! I think that we could have been better than Oasis since we had a big variety of songs, I mean for me Oasis songs sound all alike and their vocalist really sucks!! But its my opinion....anyway!

Do you own a copy of the "Hopeful Monsters" album? If so, what do you think of it, looking back?
I only have 2 singles and some tapes of those days, I left the band just before the release of that album, anyway I still have the video on my homepage! If you get one send it to me please.

Do you know what happened to the remaining copies of the Hopeful Monsters album? So many of us would like to get hold of an original release!
No at all, you should ask Rus.

Does it surprise you that fifteen years after the band split, there's still interest in their music?
Yes, I was surprised to find your site!! Wow!

With the advent of sites like Myspace, is it easier for bands to get noticed now - and it would it have helped the band if something like that had existed?
I think so, at that time it was only through concerts and word of mouth and if you didn't have a record deal, it was impossible to get through. Now with the Internet it's a lot easier.

Do you have any messages for the fans?
Uuuuummmm, well I like to thank everyone that still listen to our music and remember us, I feel sorry for them that we didn't continue..but that's life!!

What are your plans for the future?
My future is now!! I live in Japan, I play lots of Jazz/Funk and Fusion with various artists, I also do some session work and I have a couple of projects of my own like a Latin trio, Guitar-Bass-Drums. Anyway you can listen to my music at: