18 Daze

Appears on: 18 Daze, Higher demo tape, Love Crime (re-release)

Saw you standing in a traffic jam
You wonder not just who I am
Didn't know the time of day
I asked your name you didn't say
We watched a man go crazy yeah
He sat down in the road and stared
The traffic fumes devouring us
We coughed a bit and fell in love

In 18 daze the flower's grown
In 18 daze the seeds are sown
In 18 daze you'll be coming home
In 18 daze I won't be alone

We walked upon the street of dreams
You put your hand inside my jeans
We felt the rain and began to sing
We felt in touch with everything
I didn't know you yesterday
In 18 daze just who could say
We might be floating on the Ship Canal
We might be pregnant, who can tell?


In 18 daze..

In 18 daze we swapped some blood
In 18 daze we learned and loved
To bring a metamorphisis
And time stands still then while we danced

Chorus x3 to fade